Bal-A-Vis-X for PARENTS

Does your child struggle in school?

  • Is abundant effort on classwork or homework met with minimal success or progress?
  • Is skipping, jumping rope, or holding a balance pose a challenge?
  • Does your child’s attention wander? Is focus on a task easily interrupted?
  • Do others describe your child as talkative? Painfully shy? Fidgety? Spacy?
  • Is the school environment a challenge?

Despair Not!
With rhythmic brain-body integration exercises

  • Learn how to unlock your child’s potential.
  • Understand how eye tracking fitness affects your child’s academic performance.
  • Learn how one’s dominance profile affects how one functions.
  • Help your child master rhythmic, full-body coordination skills and gain gobs of self-confidence.
  • Help your child learn to work smarter not harder.

Paradigm Shift

‘What is impossible today but will fundamentally change your environment if implemented’