Paradigm Shift:

What is impossible today
but will fundamentally change your environment if implemented

WELCOME to Rhythmic Brain-Body Integration Education:

  • For Academic Intervention (compulsory to higher education) 
  • For Physical Agility & Mental Acuity (sports enthusiasts to seniors)
  • For Attention Deficit, Dyslexia & Anxiety
  • For the Learning & Physically Disabled and the Gifted Athlete & Scholar
woman showing a paper document to a child


In the Power of Purposeful, Rhythmic, Joyful Movement. We move to increase attention spans... to fine-tune focus skills... to improve eye fitness and whole body coordination. Through therapeutic movement we help connect physical and mental awareness to nurture the foundation skills of learning or to reconnect with a healthy state of being. We invite you to move through patterns and rhythm and balance to discover your potential and achieve your goals—be they academic or physical, social or mental, recreational or competitive.

child drawing on blackboard


In the power of integrated awareness to create resonance between and among the cognitive systems of the brain—

  • so a child can stay on task through distractions and disruptions in the classroom
  • so a professional can maintain attention and focus through a long-winded staff meeting
  • so weekend golfers can shave points off their golf score
  • so one can function at one’s best physically, emotionally, socially, or academically.
two boy playing with balls


That the power and energy of Rhythm… and Patterns… and Repetition… and Predictability are as resonant in our bodies as our Heartbeat… and Blood Flow… and Breathing… and Brain Waves. At the heart of an IN2GR8ED experience is a set of building blocks for self-confidence and social responsibility, self-control and focused attention, body coordination and brain integration.

So tune in to your body, unlock your potential, and take control of your learning experience and your performance.



is anchored in Bal-A-Vis-X (Balance, Auditory, Vision eXercises) and supplemented with School Moves and integrative physical education.


  • Ba-A-Vis-X Workshops modulated for personal and professional needs 
  • Private and Semi-Private Sessions
  • Complimentary visit for 3 year old's to seniors.

Paradigm Shift

‘What is impossible today but will fundamentally change your environment if implemented’