Do some of your students struggle with reading?

Do your students ...

  • Struggle with reading? Skipping words? Repeating words? Losing their place?
  • Lack confidence or coordination?
  • Daydream their academic time away?

Are some students easily distracted? Impulsive or shy? Talkative or antsy?
Is the school environment a challenge for some but not others?
Do you have students who could benefit from interventions but do not qualify?

Use Your Smarts!

You can help students identify and use their personal smarts skill set to attain greater social, personal, and academic success. How?—With Bal-A-Vis-X.

We Use Bal-A-Vis-X to

  • increase attention span (stay on task)
  • fine-tune focus skills (ignore distractions)
  • improve eye fitness (for reading skills and class work)
  • strengthen whole body coordination
  • build confidence
  • reduce impulsive behavior
  • promote peer teaching, common social goals, and a productive classroom atmosphere

With individual and whole class brain-body integration techniques, you can, together with your students

  • Change the social dynamic of your classroom and
  • Discover more time for enrichment pursuits—art, music, movement, theater, gardening…whatever your heart desires.

Paradigm Shift

‘What is impossible today but will fundamentally change your environment if implemented’